Video Clips

Ralph LONG - Put Your Love In The Music

The Longs - Schemes

LONG - Where are you

M.OCEAN - Getaway

Marlon - I've gotta get a message to you

Fung-Chen - Unical

The Longs - Rocker Lady

LONG - Down in the morning sun

Video production

Earliest since MTV went on air on August 1, 1981, to increase the advertising impact of existing song material using music videos, and thereby boost the sales of music, video clips, which were characterized by fast image editing and completely new video art, won't no longer be missed. The artists or bands embody (at least in the video) an individual image and thus the promotional visualization, and of course the very personal identification. Many careers of today's famous musicians began with video appearances on MTV. With the advent of the Internet and online video platforms such as YouTube, MTV has almost completely lost its sociopolitical importance. But the fact that you need a video clip today to attract attention with your song remains a reality.

Today, with a little creativity and suitable technical possibilities, with little effort a professional video clip can be created.